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Community Service:

Our Club’s mission is to SERVE the community. This committee coordinates Service Projects that respond to the needs of our local community by providing hands-on involvement and/or organizational skills. This committee will review all suggestions from Lions, and requests made by community organizations, for volunteer assistance before submission to the Board and Club for approval. Committee members will coordinate the Club’s involvement in any projects. <SignUp for this committee>

Health & Wellness:

This committee is responsible for the club’s activities as “Knights of the Blind.” The committee also promotes good health to prevent illness and detection of symptoms of disability or disease before they develop into more serious stages. This committee should work in conjunction with similar committees in District 2-S5 and those at the state and national levels. Lions Club International provides resources that can be used at the club level to complete these tasks:

The Sight and Hearing Conservation subcommittee is actively involved in eyeglass recycling, eye exams and other vision-related activities and should seek to involve Club members.

KidSight subcommittee is a relatively new CSNL project in District 2-S5’s initiative to bring early childhood vision screening to local communities using a non-invasive device which tests for multiple different types of vision disorders.

The Diabetes Awareness subcommittee should be aware of the needs of diabetics in the community and determine how the Club can best meet these needs.

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Project/Funding Request Screening:

This committee will review all requests for financial assistance for, or by, community organizations to determine if granting all or part of a request is an appropriate response to the needs of our local community and is a good use of Lions resources. The committee should act before submission to the Board and Club for approval. <SignUp for this committee>

Texas Lions Camp (TLC):

This committee plans and implements projects that strengthen the relationship between our Club and the Texas Lions Camp. The committee works to identify individuals to attend camp sessions and help them attend the camp. The committee should identify and facilitate activities and/or trips that support the Camp. The committee should work closely with zone, region, and district representatives to the Texas Lions Camp and keep the club active in the operations and activities of the Camp. <SignUp for this committee>

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