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4th Of July:

As a community service project, the annual 4th of July Celebration is our Club’s largest undertaking. This committee will plan and coordinate the event with local governmental agencies, as well as other organizations that may be involved. Historically, close coordination with Texas A&M University, and the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum has been critical. The committee is also responsible for identifying and securing outside funding.   <SignUp for this committee>

All Things Chocolate & Wine:

This an annual fundraising project held at the Hilton Hotel.  ATCW is a community celebration of fine chocolates and wines, good music and other elegant activities, including a raffle and silent auction. <SignUp for this committee>

Christmas Tree Sales:

As a major fundraising activity, the annual Christmas tree sales project touches all members of the Club. This committee plans and coordinates this event in such a way as to maximize involvement of the membership and raise funds to meet the budget expectations of the Club. <SignUp for this committee>

Fundraiser Review:

This committee will review the current projects and activities that raise funds for the various projects, charities, and functions supported by the Club. The committee is encouraged to bring new fundraising ideas before the Club, particularly those fundraisers that have been successful for other Lions Clubs or not being done by others in the community. <SignUp for this committee>

Honoring Our Heroes:

This is a fundraising benefit for the Houston area 100 Club, an organization that provides financial support to the families of First Responders who have died in the line of duty. <SignUp for this committee>

Youth Outreach:

This committee is charged with encouraging local youth to participate in the Lions Speech Contest, Peace Poster, and other youth contests. It is responsible for the sponsorship of the Leo Lions Clubs at A&M Consolidated High School and College Station High School. This committee will also coordinate any other club projects for youth. <SignUp for this committee>


The Raffle Committee operates an annual fundraising raffle with the goal of bringing in a large investment into the project fund. <SignUp for this committee>

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