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Awards and Recognition:

This committee will review and recommend to the Board opportunities to recognize Club members for their contributions to the Club, community, and Lionism. This recognition will range from HALL OF FAME nominations, individual awards, and recognition for the entire club. <SignUp for this committee>

Emergency Response Committee:

The primary role of this committee is to work closely with the CSNL Board of Directors to formulate an Emergency Response Plan when unexpected situations (e.g. Natural Disasters, Acts of Terrorism, etc.) occur in our community and/or communities within our reach of service. This committee will be the collector of data, such as emails, club connections and other sources that offer or request aid from our club. The committee will present a systematic protocol to the Board regarding the suggested process to use in order to select certain aid-related activities which may include non-negotiable criteria that may require Board discussion. <SignUp for this committee>

International Relations:

The committee supports activities to involve the club in creating and fostering a spirit of understanding among peoples of the world. It assists the club in maintaining relations with twin Lions clubs. It consults the district governor and/or district international relations chairman and cooperates in any district goal or project of an international nature. <SignUp for this committee>

Leadership Development:

This committee provides a variety of leadership development opportunities for current and future Lions leaders at the club level. <SignUp for this committee>


This committee is charged with assessing and fostering recruitment and retention. This committee should regularly solicit input from members to determine their motives and desires for joining our Club. This input should be used to bolster the recruitment process. The committee should also interview members who are behind in dues or who resign to determine why members leave. This committee is also responsible for organizing New Member Orientations as appropriate. Membership of the committee is set out in the club’s Constitution and Bylaws. <SignUp for this committee>

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