Lighting and Electrical at the Tree Lot

Lights and Power on the Lot


The lighting and electrical is a little different this year at the sales lot. The shack is controlled by the switches to your left as you enter the “building.” Use inside outlets for coffee pot, heaters, etc. The chain saw and/or drill should be plugged into an outlet high on the left side of the shack. Use a heavy extension cord (there are several inside the shack to use). Do not use the receptacle on the left lower front corner for the saw or drill, it is wired with the inside outlets. It’s OK for lamps or other light duty gadgets. The lot lights have their own two circuits, and are switched on and off by the breakers inside the breaker box on the power pole. The breakers are marked on the panel. At the close of the day, just switch off the shack by using the 3 switches inside the shack, and turn off the lot lights (and Texas Ave sign lights) at the breaker box. If you have any problems, call me at 979 693 0867 or cell at 979 450 9795.

Rodger Koppa
College Station TX

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